Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The turn over

The time has come and past for us to turn over our shop. It was a joyous time for all. It was also a bit difficult, we have spent 7 months making the place our own. We put many long hours into getting our mission accomplished. With a change-over the new command always wants to change things, they have their own views of ways to do things "better". One of the hardest parts of the change-over is the last day you are in the shop, you are supposed to sit and observe and just be there for questions only. I didn't realize how engrained in our work habit it was to get up and answer the phone, or help a customer at the counter. To our guys replacing us, good luck! I clearly remember the change-over with my replacement. His advice was to find out what works for me, and go with it.

As I write this blog post I am listening to Circle of Life from the Lion King soundtrack. I feel it is a fitting song.

I have a small request. The guys in the shop and myself would like to write Noah, unfortunately in our mass cleanup I seemed to have lost the address. If someone can email a snailmail address to me, we would greatly appreciate it!



Gary said...


We have have been hoping and praying for this day. You're right about the change of command wanting to do things their way because they feel its a better way. We are so proud of you! This blog has been great.

Love, Carolyn's parents

Carolyn said...

It's not too often we celebrate someone working themselves out of a job. Today... I feel like celebrating!

Anonymous said...

Hey Will,

I can not believe it is March. That means it is time for Will to come home. Hard to believe your replacements are there already.

Well, we are ready for you to come back to CTS. My fingers are so ready to update our CTS Project list and add "Will" all over this list. I think we should devote a full page exclusively for Will's projects. Hmmmmm .... I wonder what kind of due date we should put on them.

Anyway, we want to go back to Nine Irish Bros. when you are here. Gotta get some fish and chips. Then again, maybe another trip to Famous Daves. Better yet, lets do both. Maybe even on the same day. We will take the CTS Project List with us and discuss business. Ha!!!

Just want you to know I am so excited to have you coming back. So ... hurry up. We will have your chair warmed up for you and the computer ready to go.


Robin said...

I can't tell you how glad we will be to have you back in our shop! Did you leave that witch on the broomstick for the replacement unit so they will have holiday decorations?

Anonymous said...

I cannot put in words how much your periodic, but consistent comments have meant to your grandmother and all of us at Upper Essex in knowing you are well while serving in Iraq. Faithfully, your grandmother asks me each week if I have heard from you and I have printed every blog for her to read. It is an understatement to say we are excited that you are preparing to return home and we all pray to God that your journey will be safe. We hope to see you soon, but know you remain in our constant prayers.
Roy Foster