Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in the States

Will has officially arrived back in North Carolina after a long journey!!!! The official "deployment" is now over - now it enters the 'reintegration phase'.

Welcome back to America Will.

Friday, March 7, 2008


The footlocker has arrived, and welcomed me home today. Just another nice step towards HOME.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The turn over

The time has come and past for us to turn over our shop. It was a joyous time for all. It was also a bit difficult, we have spent 7 months making the place our own. We put many long hours into getting our mission accomplished. With a change-over the new command always wants to change things, they have their own views of ways to do things "better". One of the hardest parts of the change-over is the last day you are in the shop, you are supposed to sit and observe and just be there for questions only. I didn't realize how engrained in our work habit it was to get up and answer the phone, or help a customer at the counter. To our guys replacing us, good luck! I clearly remember the change-over with my replacement. His advice was to find out what works for me, and go with it.

As I write this blog post I am listening to Circle of Life from the Lion King soundtrack. I feel it is a fitting song.

I have a small request. The guys in the shop and myself would like to write Noah, unfortunately in our mass cleanup I seemed to have lost the address. If someone can email a snailmail address to me, we would greatly appreciate it!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

"March"ing the Transitions

Communication and updates here on the blog might be a little sparse for a bit - but this is a decent thing because of why. Here's a bit of an update with some nice news about this deployment.

First up, March marks the 6th month of 7 month orders in Iraq. Seems like it has taken forever to get here, but we've finally arrived to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Will is currently involved with the transition to send their unit home. This entire transition process has quite a few more steps and stages than I would have predicted. Documentation needs to be detailed to define status of everything. Picture looking ahead and knowing you have one week to train someone to be you and they'll never have the opportunity to ask questions after that training.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

time marches on

One of the things that is hard to do here is keep up with the "stateside time" of things. When you do the same thing 6.5 days a week day in and day out, your mind tends to forget that all of a sudden "oh another week has gone by". I can remember how how it was getting off the plane for the first time in Kuwait, but I could not tell you what I did 3 weeks ago Monday, except for it was a monday so it was more than likely busy in the shop. This is the only way I can figure our Army counterparts are able to cope with 15 month deployments. You just get in a routine and go with it.

Children never cease to amaze us. A couple of the care packages we received had valentines made by various aged school children. Though I do enjoy chocolate, some of the pieces of chocolate were held to the cards with so much glue that I am not sure its ok to eat it. (No to what you are thinking only kids are allowed to eat glue and not get sick from it ).

Sgt E

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank you for the boxes

I received two boxes from work yesterday. Someone is the devil for putting oatmeal peanut butter cookies in there! I guess it is ok, we have all had our weigh-ins and completed our PFTs for the deployment. Yes, we still ran a PFT in a combat zone, granted it was not a requirement to take our Physical Fitness Test for score we still ran one. Looking forward to the end.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exciting Step

At the end of this week, I am going to remove Will's address from this blog. His address at some point will become inactive while he is deployed and packages no longer be able to find him. My suggestion is to get anything out before the end of the week, if you were anxious to get anything out (includes packages or letters - anything through any US postal services). After this week, no more :).

Overall, Will is doing well on supplies and goodies. In addition the guys are currently trying to consume or thin out what they have over there to make packing at some point down the road lighter!

Time to pass along the support to the other deployed folks who need it more. He's grateful for all the support he's received. This is a wonderful milestone in the deployment as well.

*big cheers*

(This does not impact MotoMail or emails for the time being)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Things I won't miss in Iraq

As I wind up my last few months in the big desert, I can think of a few things I will not miss. Most recently I will not miss the fact that it does in fact rain here. It has rained here a few times a month. The other night after I got back from chow I walked into my shop and noticed that my rifle was covered with mud! It was raining, but the wind was blowing so strong that the rain turned to mud as it came down.

Everyone back home is getting ready for the superbowl. I can't wait, we have mandatory fun for the superbowl. Mandatory attendance to watch the superbowl. I am really looking forward to being awake at 2 in the morning. I wonder if the commercials will be as funny with the lack of sleep?

Sgt E

Monday, January 21, 2008