Thursday, November 29, 2007

Black Friday Sale in Iraq

It cracks me up, Will sent am email to me talking about the Black Friday Sale at the PX over there. You can't get much more of a captive audience than the guys living on the Bases, yet they still offer sales and promotions.

On a completely different topic, the deadline for holiday shipping is coming up. I believe they'd like the packages by Dec 4th, but the 11th is the Priority Flat Rate Shipping deadline. Typically packages sent to him have been arriving in about a week. I expect it to be slower around the holidays. It has gotten cooler there, so things melting are not the same risk they were at the beginning.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Time distortion:

I was on the phone last night talking about the normal things from back home. Who is stirring up trouble, the weather, sports etc... The comment was made that next Thursday would be Thanksgiving. I was taken aback. Here it is less than a week away from a major American holiday and it had completely snuck up on me. We have a couple of civilian contractors working in our shop and they said Wal-Mart was already putting up Christmas decorations! This shocked me. Christmas is not even a thought on my mind. It's not that I don't care about these things, its just we are not inundated with the commercialism of American culture out here so the holidays sneak up on us. Actually, we still have a Halloween decoration up in one of our vans, a little witch on a broomstick that someone had sent over here from their family. I think it will be here for Valentines Day; perhaps we'll leave it up for the next guys!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chow hall food on the recycle.

On a typical night you can always get hamburgers (vegetarian only), hotdogs, onion rings, French fries and grilled cheese (they make really good grilled cheese here). Your typical style American high in fat caloric intake. There is usually a choice of two main dishes. They have about 14 different main dishes they choose to serve here. Mix and match two main dishes with the staple of rice or mashed potatoes, and there are usually two veggie choices.

I am not sure who eats wax beans or why? They look like sickly string beans (green beans to some). Canned corn and cauliflower are staples in the vegetable mix-up. When you run out of enough of one kind to serve the base, you then serve mixed veggies.

Anyone else remember the swan pizzas? I do, and they have them in Iraq. It must be one heck of a delivery fee, but the pizzas are always available for chow. You can also get various types of sandwiches or a meager salad. For a combat zone the chow hall here is actually very well stocked.

Friday, November 9, 2007

what you do while not working?

When not working, I am usually sleeping, eating, showering. I usually take a few minutes each night to read or play some PSP games. A lot of times after work we'll just sit around joking about the day (or complaining as the case maybe a lot)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

reply to previous comments and questions

As far as chow we usually take a lunch and a dinner break for an hour. It takes about that long to walk there, get food and eat it. Breakfast I usually choose to sleep through! Cleaning my room? I am only in it to sleep, so cleaning usually involves sweeping the floor about every other day. There is a laundry facility here on base, so two times a week we bring our dirty laundry with us to work and then we put it in a big box and the TCN's (third country nationals) will wash it for us. It comes back in the laundry bag all nicely folded! Definitely not our grandfathers war (if you can even claim we are truly at war anymore)!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Marine Hording

I am sure it comes from our training of having to do without, but what possesses Marines to horde ‎perfectly good items from the chow hall? I really don't know what causes this. I do know that you ‎can get 8 cans of soda in your cargo pockets (not mine per se, but a friend). I also have ‎witnessed 15 cans of "Rip-It" coming out of the chow hall by another Marine. Rip-Its are about ‎the same size as the baby soda cans you can get at Wal-Mart back home. Today I was guilty of ‎this action as well. We needed coffee creamer back at the shop, so I walked out with 12 packets ‎of creamer. 12 packets! That is a weeks worth of dairy creamer for me! Near-beer (or NA beer), ‎is another hot commodity. Non-alcoholic beer seems to go very quickly. Somehow our small ‎section of 7 Marines now has horded close to 18 cans of this stuff. It’s not even that good! I ‎imagine its going to be a tough transition when you go to a place that has "grab your own" sodas ‎with the meal not to just stuff 4 in your pockets and try to walk out when we all get home.‎