Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exciting Step

At the end of this week, I am going to remove Will's address from this blog. His address at some point will become inactive while he is deployed and packages no longer be able to find him. My suggestion is to get anything out before the end of the week, if you were anxious to get anything out (includes packages or letters - anything through any US postal services). After this week, no more :).

Overall, Will is doing well on supplies and goodies. In addition the guys are currently trying to consume or thin out what they have over there to make packing at some point down the road lighter!

Time to pass along the support to the other deployed folks who need it more. He's grateful for all the support he's received. This is a wonderful milestone in the deployment as well.

*big cheers*

(This does not impact MotoMail or emails for the time being)

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