Saturday, February 2, 2008

Things I won't miss in Iraq

As I wind up my last few months in the big desert, I can think of a few things I will not miss. Most recently I will not miss the fact that it does in fact rain here. It has rained here a few times a month. The other night after I got back from chow I walked into my shop and noticed that my rifle was covered with mud! It was raining, but the wind was blowing so strong that the rain turned to mud as it came down.

Everyone back home is getting ready for the superbowl. I can't wait, we have mandatory fun for the superbowl. Mandatory attendance to watch the superbowl. I am really looking forward to being awake at 2 in the morning. I wonder if the commercials will be as funny with the lack of sleep?

Sgt E


bnovak said...

Mandatory fun sounds like a lot of "fun"! Do they have mandatory sleep before the Super Bowl so you can be ready for work on Monday morning? We'll think of you out there watching while we watch here at 5 p.m. I agree that I hope the commercials are good because I don't care whether the Patriots or the Giants win. (Go Bears!) :) Take care and keep counting down the days--March comes right after this short month of February! Carolyn's Mom

Carolyn said...

"mandatory attendance" I read that as instead of sleeping in your can, why not go to bed in the location where the superbowl will be shown? The way I see it, if your physical body is there (regardless of awake status) it should count as attendance!

bnovak said...

Did you guys stay awake for the Super Bowl or was it one big slumber party? You must be dragging around today!
Carolyn's Mom