Thursday, February 21, 2008

time marches on

One of the things that is hard to do here is keep up with the "stateside time" of things. When you do the same thing 6.5 days a week day in and day out, your mind tends to forget that all of a sudden "oh another week has gone by". I can remember how how it was getting off the plane for the first time in Kuwait, but I could not tell you what I did 3 weeks ago Monday, except for it was a monday so it was more than likely busy in the shop. This is the only way I can figure our Army counterparts are able to cope with 15 month deployments. You just get in a routine and go with it.

Children never cease to amaze us. A couple of the care packages we received had valentines made by various aged school children. Though I do enjoy chocolate, some of the pieces of chocolate were held to the cards with so much glue that I am not sure its ok to eat it. (No to what you are thinking only kids are allowed to eat glue and not get sick from it ).

Sgt E

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bnovak said...

I had to laugh about your example of trying to remember 3 weeks ago Monday. You have been away so long that you no longer remember that the memorable days of the week happen during the weekend! Shoot, I bet most of us here in "the states" aren't going to remember 3 weeks ago Monday either! Don't worry, you'll catch up quickly when you're back. : )
I know what you mean about kids and chocolate with the glue attached. Sounds like my 2nd graders. Glad you got a bunch of Valentines. Remembering our troops is being talked about everywhere. Everybody is pulling for you guys. Take care and see you soon! Carolyn's Mom